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Finnish Design Yearbook 2010-11

Finnish Design Yearbook 2010–11 is an extensive overview of contemporary Finnish design, presenting over 200 products, designers and manufacturers.

The yearbook also contains articles by experts and interviews with leading names in the field providing more information on current developments in Finnish design.

Finnish Design Yearbook 2010–11 considers design as a tool from four viewpoints.

Design creates a better life.
It proceeds from needs and desires and takes different user groups into account. It is usability and functionality, freedom, equality and consideration.

Design is a means of expression.
It is creativity, art and self-expression, boundary-crossings and discovery – fashion and games, images and stories, virtual environments and multifaceted identities.

Design shaping the future.
Design can have far-reaching impacts into the future. Sustainable design is enduring and environmentally friendly, taking the entire life cycle of products into account.

Design is a business tool.
It creates employment, improves the profitability of businesses and helps them specialize and gain competitive advantages. Design is also used in marketing communications, creating corporate images, and managing brands.

Finnish Design Yearbook 2010–11. Edited by Anne Veinola. Design Forum Finland 2010. Printed by Libris Oy. ISSN 1796-5829. In English, 128 pages, four-colour images.

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