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Finnish Design Yearbook 2014–15  published

The latest in Finnish design in one book. The collection was curated by journalist Liisa Jokinen.

The Finnish Design Yearbook is the best-known international review of contemporary Finnish design. Published by Design Forum Finland, the latest edition is the fifth of its kind. The previous editions have spread the message of Finnish design to more than 40 countries.

The Finnish Design Yearbook 2014–15 discusses the roots of Finnish design as well as its future in a changing world. The themes highlighted in the book include daily life, well-being, joy, children, community and recycling. The yearbook offers a comprehensive look at contemporary Finnish design, from furniture to fashion, mobile applications and service design. The book also includes thought-provoking articles by Design Forum Finland CEO Mikko Kalhama, journalist Katja Lindroos, the British designer and professor Dan Hill, design writer Jenna Sutela, architect and designer Hella Hernberg, and New York MoMA curator Juliet Kinchin.

The Finnish Design Yearbook 2014–15 examines how design can benefit people, the environment and communities. Design brings people together, improves communication and strengthens community spirit. Good design also improves daily life: many contemporary design products are small ideas and innovations that make daily life easier and smoother. Design can also promote well-being in many different ways: good design can motivate people to exercise or adopt healthier lifestyles. Design also brings joy to our lives and helps us see the beauty around us.

Liisa Jokinen, the curator of this edition of the yearbook, is a versatile writer and photographer whose street style blog Hel Looks, established in 2005, is known around the world. Jokinen received an honourable mention in the Vaasa Award 2013 design journalism competition. The Finnish Design Yearbook is her second book project.

The Finnish Design Yearbook 2014–15 is a reference book for contemporary design and a spark for discussion. The Finnish Design Yearbook is always a design object in its own right. This edition’s visual design was created by the brand design agency Werklig. As with previous editions, the book will be distributed internationally to bookstores, online stores, design fairs and exhibitions, other events and the press. The book is also an excellent tool for projects aimed at the internationalisation of Finnish design and business, as well as the Frankfurt International Book Fair, which will feature Finland as a special theme in October 2014.

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Finnish Design Yearbook 2014–15, edited by Liisa Jokinen
in English, wire binding, 172 pages, four-colour images, prinetd by Libris Oy
Design Forum Finland 2014, Helsinki, ISSN 1796–5829

More information:
Liisa Jokinen, editor of the book,
tel. +358 (0)50 538 3530, liisa(a)
Anne Veinola, Communications Manager, Design Forum Finland
tel. +358 (0)9 6220 8119, anne.veinola(a)