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R&D Manager Jyrki Nieminen and Marketing Manager Josefin Hoviniemi from Merivaara speak about the Q-Flow Surgical Light which got the Fennia Prize Grand Prix. (19.1.2017)


Brand Manager Eeva Niemelä from Naava presents the Fennia Prize Winner Naava Smart Green Wall. (19.1.2017)


Ville Hirvonen (User Interface Specialist, LINK Design and Development) tells what recently awarded Foller is. (19.1.2017)

Maija Itkonen (CEO / Gold&Green Foods) is the inventor of Pulled Oats, a meat substitute, which has received much attention. (30.11.2016)

4UNI solution competition for university students: Jarkko Nissinen / Helsinki Think Company, Rosa Degerman & Milka Sormunen / Tutka Helsinki, Markus Nurminen / Hellon 


Pauli Waroma (CEO & Founder, Sherpa) compares Swedish branding talent and the Finnish snowboarding phenomenon. (7.9.2016)

Branding, design and marketing have a big impact on giving sales a chance, says Petri Parvinen, Professor of Strategic Marketing and Management from the University of Helsinki. (7.9.2016)

Tim Hall (Group Director / Fjord Helsinki) talks about what challenges and opportunities design is facing in today’s multichanneled and digitalised world.

Petteri Masalin (VP R&D Functional products at Fiskars) talks about Fiskars' R&D and design DNA.

Pyry Taanila, Young Designer of the Year, Co-Founder of Catchbox, talks about design’s role in startups.

Jaakko Wäänänen, CEO of Hellon service design agency talks about human-to-human business. (12.11.2015)

Tobias Dahlberg, Managing Director of Wonder Agency talks about branding and how startups should approach it. (12.11.2015)

Jaana Beidler, Associate Professor at Aalto University talks about fashion thinking in tech companies. (12.11.2015)

Antti Pitkänen's, Managing Director at S.E.O.S, interview at Slush 2015. (12.11.2015)


See what Andreas Rosenlew, Executive Brand Advisor, Chairman & Managing Partner at GROW, thinks about the connection between design and brand. (12.11.2015)

Christian Lindholm, CEO and co-founder of KoruLab, talks about software design, the importance of user experience and relevance of design in startups. (12.11.2015)

Janne Kyttänen is a Finnish designer and conceptual artist, best known for his pioneering work with design for 3D printing. We had a pleasure to interview Janne during Helsinki Design Week 2015.