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January 2019

Stockholm, of course

Again, it's time for a trip to Stockholm, Sweden, to see the latest trends in furniture design. Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair takes place 5–9 February. As the Fair is the biggest event of the trade in Scandinavia, there will be lots of Finnish companies and designers participating. More interesting things to see are on show at Stockholm Design Week at the same time. Different from our Helsinki Design Week: we arrange a design festival for everyone, Stockholm focuses on professionals.

Photo: SFLF 2019 / Designbaren – Pavillion & Tradition

Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair 5–9 February 2019

Stockholm Design Week 4–10 February 2019



Antrei Hartikainen in Paris

Last August we selected Master Cabinetmaker Antrei Hartikainen as the recipient of the Young Designer of the Year 2018 prize. We also mentioned a new form of cooperation with the Finnish Institute in Paris: starting from 2019, the selected young designer will also get a residency at the Institute. Now, Antrei Hartikainen is the first to participate in the new program. His exhibition Carte Blanche is currently on show at the Institute and the grapevine tells that his exquisite furniture already sells.

Photo: Antrei Hartikainen, Plato shelf / Kari Nyyssönen

Carte Blanche à Antrei Hartikainen
10 January–13 April 2019 Institut finlandais, Paris





Wake up Cardboard!

Design Forum Finland's circular design projects now continue with a new cooperation program, this time with Tampere University of Applied Sciences and Natural Resources Institute Finland. The project, entitled Wake up Cardboard! aims at developing new packaging solutions made from wood fibre and side streams of the food industry. Design expertise is part of all the stages of service and product development. The project is partly funded by ESF and lasts until October 2020.