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March 2019

SustaiNordic – sustainable Nordic living

SustaiNordic, the joint project of five Nordic design and architecture organizations has reached one important goal. This three-year long project, promoting sustainable development and the circular economy, is funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers. In early 2019, the first Nordic Report was published, listing sustainable projects from 2018.

The Nordic Report 01 presents 58 projects in total, from all of the five countries and divided under twelve topics. Included are small and big cases from material innovations to cooperational models and from sharing economy services to education, The topics relate to the manifesto of twelve sustainable items which was drawn up within the project.

The Nordic countries are a good laboratory to research new phenomena, such as the circular economy. The countries are small, the culture rather uniform, the level of education good. The democratic society and Nordic values form the basis for high quality of life, as shown by researches. We also regard nature and the environment as meaningful to us and it is easy to notice the impact of our actions in them.

The Nordic Report 01 is a collection of good examples of how design expertise and urban planning can further sustainable development. Sustainable development and the circular economy have a strong position in the Nordic countries. On the other hand, our standard of living is high and the level of comsumption insupportable. These do not necessarily rule out each other. Several cases in The Nordic Report 01 show, how you can sustainably consume and gain growth. The circular economy is one of the solutions, sharing economy another. Traditional Nordic values also come true in both: the ability to use scarce resources, work together and preserve the environment for the future.

Image: The GREEN Program, Iceland / SustaiNordic