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March 2019


It's springtime for Vuoden Huiput

The greatest event of visual communications in Finland, Vuoden Huiput, is coming again. Vuoden Huiput Festival took place in early March, the shortlist of the design competition has been published and the results will be announced in mid-April. The visual design competition always features several competition categories, which shows how versatile and wide the field of visual communications is. This year's Joker category is up-to-date called Experiential Design. Whatever that is, is revealed in April.

Image: Grafia



This is EcoDesign Sprint

We developed a tool which helps companies to conceptualize quickly and efficiently business ideas based on circular design. We have previosly reported about this tool called EcoDesign Sprint, and more informaton is available here. Or go and watch the animation which tells what happens in an EcoDesign Sprint and what benefits you'd get! This visualization, a little over two minutes, is created by Raquel Benmergui.

Image: Raquel Benmergui




Finnish Design Academy

When design evolves, a designer has to evolve, too. Finnish Design Academy is a project which was established last spring for developing professional design education. The project is administered by Design Institute of the Lahti University of Applied Sciences. It is funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture, and all the Finnish universities offering design education plus Ornamo Art and Design Finland participate in it. The sectors of the FDA project cover widely areas with special development needs, such as digitalization, internationalization, and skills needed in work life. The aim of the project is to enhance the role of professional design education in the national innovation ecosystem.