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Estlander Prize and Medals 2012

Estlander Prize: Director Kari Korkman
Gold Medal: M.Sc. (Eng.) Tapio Hintikka, Licentiate in Laws Harri Malmberg, Master of Laws Hannele Pohjola
Silver Medal: Professor Kalevi Ekman, Professor Raimo Nikkanen, Professor Markku Salimäki

From the left: Markku Salimäki, Harri Malmberg, Raimo Nikkanen, Hannele Pohjola, Kari Korkman, Tapio Hintikka, Kalevi Ekman


Estlander Prize 2012

The Bronze Estlander Medal and the accompanying €5,000 prize sum were awarded to Kari Korkman, founder and director of Helsinki Design Week. Kari Korkman set out as a private individual to develop and realize Helsinki Design Week, one of the main events of the Finnish design calendar. Over the course of several years, Helsinki Design Week has assembled both institutions and the public to address and consider design, while providing Finnish design with international visibility and partnerships.


Silver Estlander Medal 2012

Operating in an open-minded manner that stands out from academic traditions, the recipients of the Silver Medal have implemented a cross-disciplinary programme for the encounters of discourses of various disciplines to provide opportunities for a new kind of creativity. Over the course of a decade, modes of operation and realization have been shaped and continue to be, thus establishing new conditions for learning in this field. The awardees have been actively involved in creating a system combining expertise across disciplinary boundaries and significantly influencing the creation of Aalto University. 

Professor Kalevi Ekman is director of the Design Factory of Aalto University. He has been successfully involved in developing several cross-disciplinary programmes aimed at bringing studies closer to the business community. Ekman was also one of the main architects of Aalto University.

Professor Raimo Nikkanen has taught for many years at the Aalto University School of Art and Design and its predecessor, training and inspiring students of industrial design to become professionals in their field. Nikkanen has a broad international network, within which he has also promoted the internationalization of the School. He is an internationally popular lecturer who has supervised students in Europe, Asia and North America.

Professor Markku Salimäki is head of the International Design Business Management programme of the Aalto University School of Economics. Since the mid-1990s he has constructed a multidisciplinary research and learning environment intensifying cooperation between design, technology and the economy, while training skilled actors for key positions in international business. 


Gold Estlander Medal 2012

Recipients of the Gold Estlander Medal have been active on behalf of design in significant ways in numerous arenas and have furthered interaction between Finnish design and business and industry. Their contributions to the field have consisted of long-term activities alongside their own significant careers.

For many decades, Tapio Hintikka MSc (Eng.) has been an important and influential figure in the economic and industrial sectors in Finland. Alongside his leading positions in the business world, he has promoted the uses of design in business and industry. Hintikka has had the foresight to prevision changes in industry and the economy and to utilize design in situations of change. 

Alongside his significant career, Harri Malmberg, Licentiate in Laws, has also been an important influence in Finnish design. He has served on the board of the Finnish Society of Crafts and Design for almost three decades, establishing connections especially between design and industry. 

Hannele Pohjola, Master of Laws, is Director for Innovation and Growth Policy of the Confederation of Finnish Industries. She has served on the boards of numerous organizations in the cultural and educational sectors and in international capacities including OECD committee work. Hannele Pohjola has pursued design policies in a consistent manner and promoted their applications in business and industries. She became a member of the board of the Finnish Society of Crafts and Design in 1996 and served as its chairperson from 2006 to 2010.