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Fennia Prize 2007

Design is an integral aspect of business in both the manufacturing and service sectors alike. The Fennia Prize – Good design grows global is a competition for firms and companies rewarding the exemplary use and application of design in business – companies for which design is a central means of product development and brand construction. The prize is awarded every second year.

Since 2007 there have been two series in the competition: Product Design Series and Open Series, including, for example, business and service concepts and environments. Awarded in the competition are the Fennia Prize Grand Prix, Fennia Prize awards and Fennia Prize honorary mentions.

The registration period for the Fennia Prize 2007 competition was 1 May – 17 October 2006. Sixty-nine products and concepts were submitted to the competition. The preliminary jury, consisting of design professionals, selected 22 products and six service concepts for further consideration. The final selection was made by a jury of experts in design, business and the media. In addition to high-standard design, the criteria of the competition were usability, responsibility for the environment and society and impact on business.


Fennia Prize Grand Prix 2007

Rocla Oyj
The Humanic reach truck

Design: Petteri Masalin, Kero Uusitalo, Piritta Winqvist 2003–2006

Rocla decided to give design a prominent strategic role in the company. Users were the starting point for the product development and design of the Humanic reach truck. The result was a truck that is easy to use and can be customized to suit the driver's needs.


Fennia Prizes 2007

Huonekalutehdas Korhonen Oy
The Flip chair and table

Design: Heikki Ruoho 2002–2005

The top and front panel of the Flip table, designed for adult students, form an integral and strong structure. The seat of the chair narrows into a flexible backrest. Both the chairs and tables can be stacked and joined in rows.

Halti Oy
The Gompa and Fiber jackets, the Green backpack

Design: Martti Kellokumpu (jackets), Juha Kosonen and Ronald Santala (backpack) 2005–2006

The Gompa and Fiber jackets employ new manufacturing technology, an inventive cut and many handy details. The Green backpack is ergonomic, light and purposefully easy to pack.

The PlusHuvilat service concept for the single-family house and leisure-home market

Design: Jani Lahti, Arttu Hyttinen 2006
Manufacturer: Honkatalot Oy

PlusHuvilat is a total service concept for individual building needs. Using the service’s web pages, clients can participate in the initial design phase by customizing and comparing models and prices, while also following the progress of other PlusHuvilat projects.

PaloDEx Group Oy
Orthopantomograph® OP200 D and Orthoceph® OC200 D dental X-ray equipment

Design: Jari-Petri Voutilainen, Jorma Savolainen, Irina Viippola, Thomas Held / Desigence Oy; Jari Taskinen, Jyrki Saarinen, Markus Rintamäki / Instrumentarium Dental
Other persons involved in the design: Sami Kukkonen, Juha Kauko, Jari Ritovuori, Tommi Silván / Desigence Oy; Heli Stolt, Juhani Palonen / Instrumentarium Dental 2005–2006

Panorama x-ray equipment is used for imaging the patient’s teeth, with top-quality images supporting the right diagnosis. The Orthopantomograph® OP200 employs digital imaging technology in a contemporary language of form.


Fennia Prize Honorary Mentions 2007

Design House Idoli Oy
Design House Idoli, tourism service concept

Design: Pekka and Hanneli Sillfors 2005

Design House Idoli combines tourism services and the leading products of Finnish design with the unique natural environment of the North. This bold total concept renews the idea of tourism and travel in Lapland.

Finnzymes Oy
The Piko Thermal Cycler for DNA analyses

Design: Reijo Markku, Juhana Karhu / Design Reform Oy 2005

Previously concentrating on biotechnical reagents and enzymes, Finnzymes expanded its business to producing laboratory equipment and developed a device for amplifying DNA that is quick, accurate, small and profitable.

GE Healthcare Finland Oy
Patient monitor product group for anaesthesia and intensive care

Design: Kimmo Frondelius, Harri Sanasvuori, Jukka Kankkunen / GE Healthcare; Heikki Salo, Marko Ståhlstedt / ED-Design Ltd. 2005–2006

The carefully designed user interface of the patient monitors ensures compatibility with other hospital equipment and correct readings. Movability, wireless data transfer and good ergonomic properties enable the efficient use of the monitors.

Hanna Korvela Design Oy
The Aqua damp-proof mat

Design: Hanna Korvela Design 2005–2006

The style and feel of a paper-yarn rug have been provided for damp-proof mat woven from synthetic materials. The right binding and backing methods were found through product development.


Lundia Oy
The Sola and Soihtu lamps

Design: Jukka Korpihete 2006

Design was included in Lundia’s strategy to reinforce the brand. The lamps are part of the Lundia style and also prominent elements of interior design. The shape of both the lamp and light and shadow were important for the designer.

Marimekko Oyj
The Ilmassa interior textile collection (Kassiopeia, Pääsky, Kuiskaaja)

Design: Maija Louekari 2005–2006

Marimekko has continuously taken note of young designers, giving them opportunities for creative work. The technically demanding and multidimensional patterns of the fabrics have been developed in cooperation with the professionals of the company’s fabric-printing press.

Nokia Corporation
The Nokia N93 multimedia mobile phone

Design: Shunjiro Eguchi 2004–2006

The Nokia N93 combines a mobile phone, Internet browser and a high-quality still/video camera in a compact mobile device equally easy to use as both phone and camera.

Nokia Corporation, Networks
Nokia Flexi WCDMA Base Station for 3G mobile phone networks

Design: Tuomas Nylén, Design Management Jussi Tuurnala 2006

A modularly assembled base station is a flexible solution. Owing to design and developed technology, the moduls can be carried by one person and are easy to transport and install.

original habitek works*
A furniture concept for homes and offices

Design: Kirsi Gullichsen 2003–2005

The products of this furniture concept combine the benefits of mass production and craftsmanship. The structural principle permits the use of shelves and storage units also as partitions.

Rocla Oyj
TP20ac platform pallet truck

Design: Petteri Masalin, Kero Uusitalo / Rocla Oyj; Tuomas Antikainen / Puredesign 2003–2005

Product development for the Rocla pallet trucks focused on improving usability and safety. A new feature is customization according to the client’s brand: company logos etc. can be printed on the sides of the truck.

Suunto Oy
The t1, t3 and t4 heart rate monitors

Design: Suunto Design Team / Mikko Ahlström, Kimmo Pernu 2006

The distinct user interface of the Suunto heart rate monitors helps even ordinary users exercise efficiently. The uniform appearance of the product line is also taken into consideration in the design.

TAG Heuer S.A.
The Professional Golf Watch

Design: Ross Lovegrove 2005

This light and ergonomic watch that stays in place on the wrist was developed especially for the needs of golfers. The movement also withstands the high acceleration of a professional golfer’s swing.

Tulikivi Oyj
The MOOD modular soapstone fireplace product line

Design: Tulikivi Oyj, Eliisa Elo  and team; Creadesign Oy under the direction of Hannu Kähönen 2004–2006

MOOD is a modern line of fireplaces meeting environmental standards, conserving stone material and employing the same modular stone sizes in all its models.

Ursuk Oy / Suunto
DS6 dry suit for sailing

Design: Jasmine Julin-Aro, Marko Kallionpää 2006

The dry suit combines comfort in use and the heavy requirements of sailing. The design and product development of details indicate a thorough knowledge of sailing.

Vivero Oy
The Rosebud chair

Design: Ilkka Suppanen 2006

This small and light chair is comfortable. Distinction in the market is ensured by design that is original, yet international. The sparse use of materials is also economical.

YTV / The Helsinki Metropolitan Area Council
The Jokeri bus service concept

Design: Reijo Markku, Soile Pernu / Design Reform Oy 2004–2006

Jokeri is the first bus line in the Helsinki region for which a distinct visual image was created. The carefully considered overall design is quickly noted and perceived by users.