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Fennia Prize 2012

Fennia Prize, organized every second years, is one of the biggest design competitions in Finland. It is organized by the design promotion organization Design Forum Finland and the Fennia Group.

The results of Fennia Prize 2012 were announced 7 June 2012. The prize exhibition was open at Valssaamo, Cable Factory, in Helsinki 8 June–17 August 2012. All the 28 companies and products awarded in the Fennia Prize design competition were included in the exhibition.

The Fennia Prize design competition is an interesting overwiev of everything what design is today. It is not just product design but e.g. designing services and concepts. The evaluation criteria included high-class design, usability, environmental responsibility and the impact of design on a company's business operations.

The Fennia Prize 2012 design competition and the exhibition were part of the World Design Capital Helsinki 2012 program. 




Fennia Prize Grand Prix 2012

Transmission tower for field locations
Fingrid Oyj

Design: Muotohiomo / Pekka Toivanen, Iikka Airas, Sami Laine, Jouni Salojärvi

Designing a new transmission tower for field locations was an important investment for Fingrid. Its design had to consider appearance, security, strict technical requirements, and the environment. Negative impact on cultivation was minimized. The innovative foundation is of heavy prefabricated concrete elements. The open structure makes the tower merge better into the surrounding landscape. Design was applied in an innovative and bold manner in developing the new tower. It helped in improving a necessary element of national infrastructure both technologically and functionally, in addition to achieving high-standard visual results. The structural and design principles of the tower are freely available to be applied and used by other power transmission companies.


Fennia Prizes 2012

Nuoska sauna stove
Tulikivi Oyj

Design: Provoke Oy / Mika Moilanen, Tulikivi Oyj / Jukka Kirjavainen, Juha Timonen, Markku Näsänen, Lankapaja Oy / Mika Väinölä

The Nuoska sauna stoves were designed to suit modern-day spa culture. The stove can be integrated to the sauna benches to provide a uniform and finished interior design. Nuoska is a prime example of a traditional product redesigned for modern-day wishes and requirements.


Smarter Cabin crane cabin

Design: Konecranes / Johannes Tarkiainen, Industrial Design Manage; Sami Koponen, Industrial Designe; Ari Nieminen, R&D Chief Engineer

The process of creating the new Smarter Cabin devoted a great deal of effort to design and usability. The working habits of crane operators, ergonomics and comfort when working were thoroughly charted. The new cabin provides improved visibility of the work area and it has been a definite competitive asset for the company.


Home & Garden product concept
Kekkilä Oy

Design: Kekkilä Group / Ia Adlercreutz, Director of Business Development and Branding, Studio Paakkanen / Mikko Paakkanen, Linda Bergroth Oy / Linda Bergroth, Dog Design / Petri Salmela, Eeva Sivula, Ilona Ilottu,, Avanto Architects / Villa Hara, Anu Puustinen, Aalto + Aalto / Klaus Aalto

The Home & Garden product concept offers high-standard, well-finished design for home gardeners. The products of the series, all by top-level designers, are modular and suited to gardens and balconies alike. The concept expands Kekkilä's business in a new direction.


Helsinki City Library, service and spatial concept
City of Helsinki

Design: Designtoimisto Kuudes Kerros / Janne Kupiainen, Architect; Pablo Riquelme, Designer; Leena Fredriksson, Trend Specialist; Mikko Mäkinen, Concept Designer; Jari Danielsson, Service Design; Tiina Toivola, Service Design; Pietke Visser, Designer; Heidi Puttonen, Junior Designer; Heidi Ettanen, Junior Designer

Helsinki City Library / Maija Berndtson, Director; Hanna Aaltonen, Senior Planner; Marja-Liisa Komulainen, Development Manager; Sari Lehikoinen, Communications Manager; Pia Wallin, Planning Coordinator and a large number of Helsinki City Library staff and users of the Helsinki City Library

The Helsinki City Library wanted to modernize its service concept in order to compete with other entertainment services in the 21st century. The extensive development project proceeded from library users and resulted in a new service concept supported by a spatial concept. The Helsinki City Library development project is an excellent example of the new uses and clientele of design.


Fennia Prize Honorary Mentions 2012

ACS880-01 industrial drive and ACS-AP control panel

Design: Marjukka Mäkelä, ABB; Kimmo Ollikainen, ED Design Oy; Jouni Salojärvi, Muotohiomo; Lauri Sumari, Linja Oy

Project management: Petri Schroderus, ACS880-01 taajuusmuuttaja / frequency converter, ABB; Marjukka Mäkelä, ACS-AP ohjauspaneeli / control panel, ABB

Drives control the speed of electric motors, thus optimizing the operation of the motor and energy consumption. Design was integrated as part of the development process of the ACS880-01 industrial drive, in user interface design as well as in product design and easy installation methods. The drives are compatible with a broad range of applications, with the easy-to-use ACS-AP control panel.                         


Espotel Oy

Design: Jaakko Ala-Paavola, Espotel Oy; Karl-Kristian Högström, Espotel Oy; Santtu Naukkarinen, Espotel Oy; Kimmo Taskinen, Espotel Oy; Saara Anundi, Link Design and Development; Mikael Leppä, Link Design and Development Oy

Jhumar is a product platform for the development of embedded graphic interfaces, meant to function as part of the clients' own products and services. An important aspect in its design was variability for different uses, from customer service to the process industry. The idiom of form is subtly technical, clear and adaptable to different use environments and needs.                                                                                                                                   


Rotisser cookware collection
Fiskars Home / Hackman

Design: Arni Aromaa, Pentagon Design; Sauli Suomela, Pentagon Design

In the Hackman Rotisser cookware high-standard design is combined with top-level materials and technical properties. The design proceeded from the users and professional chefs were included in the product development process. The collection consists of a wide range of cookware for all kitchen needs.   


Vitriini storage box
Fiskars Home / Iittala

Design: Anu Penttinen, Nounou Design

Iittala has succeeded in creating genuinely new products from glass. Vitriini series of glass containers combine use and visuality in a new way. The thick glass gives the box a pleasing heaviness, combined with the transparency of the glass. The series includes boxes with a bottom part of oak or aluminium.                                    


Fiskars Xsharp axe and knife sharpener
Fiskars Garden EMEA

Design: Petteri Masalin, R&D Director, Fiskars Brands Finland Oy Ab; Aaro Huttunen, Product Designer, Fiskars Brands Finland Oy Ab; Jouni Salojärvi, Concept Designer, Fiskars Brands Finland Oy Ab and Fiskars Garden R&D team

Fiskars's handy sharpener is for both knives and axes. The right operation is selected simply by pushing the end of the sharpener. The optimized sharpening angle is always assured with the sharpener and this easy way of sharpening tools keeps them safe and in good condition at all times.                       


Kaasa interior fireplace
Fiskars Home / Iittala

Design: Ilkka Suppanen

The kaasa, the ancient navigation beacon of the Gulf of Bothnia, lent its name to Iittala's new lantern. Its steel core is protected by a heat-resistant glass surrounded in turn by a mouth-blown glass shell. Iconic timelessness, simplicity and clarity were sought for the forms of Kaasa.                                                                     


Kola Lounge, Kola Light, Kola Rocking, Kola Stack R & Z chair
Inno Interior Oy

Design: Mikko Laakkonen

In addition to sitting comfort and good ergonomics, ecology and innovativeness were also the starting points of the design of the Kola chair collection. The seats of the chairs are made from 100% recyclable polyester felt and the seat combines the cup shape and simple construction of form-pressed chairs with the comfort of an upholstered chair.                                                             


Kokopuu kitchen unit
Isku-Yhtymä Oy

Design: Jaani Vaahtera

Kokopuu is a kitchen concept based on the ancient idea of a large wooden table around which everything happens. The table-like kitchen unit is more like a piece of furniture than a fixture. Despite its solid construction the table is visually light and the graceful leg structure continues the traditions of construction in wood.                   


Kaava chair
Isku-Yhtymä Oy

Design: Mikko Laakkonen

The Kaava chair is made of UPM Grada formable plywood that can be shaped with heat. This technology is much simpler and faster than traditional pressing into form. The whole seating part of the chair, with armrests, is cut and heat-shaped from a single piece of sheeting.


Mukula seat wall
Isku-Yhtymä Oy

Design: Kaija Aalto

The Mukula seat wall was created in a project seeking new ideas for learning environments of the future. It includes cushions for sitting on the floor that can be hung on the wall with magnets after use. The cushions also dampen sounds and introduce colour and variation into the interior.


Tip lamp
Keraplast Oy

Design: Tapio Anttila

The Tip lamp combines LED technology and acrylic in a new way. LED strips permit the design of an exceptionally thin lamp, while acrylic allows the light to spread in all directions. The lamp got its name from its shape, bringing to mind the sound of a falling drop just before it starts to spread.                                                              


KONE Customer Visit Experience service concept
KONE Corporation

Design: Pentagon Design / Ilmari Ahola, Arni Aromaa, Matias Halmeenmäki, Virva Haltsonen, Anna Hoskonen, Anu Latvala, Mats Lönngren, Pia Thurman

KONE is global market leaders in the elevator and escalator industry and the user experience is central to its strategy. The Customer Visit Experience service design concept provides visitors with complete experience down to its details. The cost-effective concept can be applied locally.                                                                 


Magisso teacup
Magisso Oy

Design: Laura Bougdanos, Vesa Jääskö

Magisso's products respond to the practical problems of everyday life. The teacup provides good brewed tea easily. It includes a small removable strainer behind which the tea leaves are placed. When the cup is tilted, the tea is brewed without any extra equipment.       


Kuru chair
Martela Oyj

Design: Design Office Antti Kotilainen

The design of the Kuru chair aimed at useability and ergonomics. The technical details are carefully considered: the element under the seat permits the chair to be easily joined in rows. The considerations of ecology, long use and recyclability have been taken into account in the design and choice of materials.


Less chair
Mobel Original Design Oy

Design: Jouko Järvisalo

Less is a folding chair for places with limited space: folded, it takes up only 24 mm. Its minimalist aesthetic leaves room for the architecture and interior design. With its limited use of materials, the chair is also ecological.

Nokia Play 360° wireless speaker
Nokia Corporation

Design: Industrial design: Tuomas Nylén, Nokia Design / Gear team; Audio design: Miikka Tikander, Nokia Gear R&D; R&D, mechanics, hardware, software: Nokia Gear R&D team; Business: Nokia Gear Business Unit

As mobile devices are being used increasingly for storing and listening to music, there is demand for a high-standard portable speaker. Nokia Play 360° has confident design and thought-out usability. Together with new smartphones and services providing music, the speaker creates new opportunities for the entertainment use of mobile devices.


Verity® 3D computed tomography unit
Planmed Oy

Design: Tapio Laukkanen; Planmed Product Development Team

Planmed Verity® is the world's first moveable extremity scanner. 3D imaging permits the discovery of fractures not revealed by traditional techniques. The design enables imaging in wheelchairs and bedside, and the weight-bearing CT imaging of standing patients is a completely new feature.                                                           


PONSSE Comfort user interface
Ponsse Oyj

Design: Jukka Tossavainen, Engineering Manager, Ponsse Oyj; Vesa Yrjänä, Cabin Engineer, Ponsse Oyj; Markku Savolainen, Automation Engineer, Ponsse Oyj; Petri Hannukainen, Engineering Manager, LINK Design and Development; Piritta Winqvist, Design Manager, LINK Design and Development; Mikko Kemppi, Senior Industrial Designer, LINK Design and Development

The completely new PONSSE Comfort interface for forestry machines was developed on the users' terms. Ergonomic aspects are central and individual adjustment help operators cope with their work even better.  Better work ergonomics had direct impact on sales.                                                       


Rocla Visual Assistant display
Rocla Oy

Design: Kero Uusitalo, Industrial Design Manager, Rocla Oy; Lasse Lehtonen, Manager, Concepts, Rocla Oy; Pekka Loikkanen, Project Manager, Rocla Oy

Rocla seeks to minimize time spent in logistics processes. The Visual Assistant display, an accessory for picking trucks, displays at the same time several picking locations, from among which the picker can choose the most central one. Use of the display reduces the number of stops by one third and improves productivity.


Picus electronic pipette
Sartorius Biohit Liquid Handling Oy

Design: Ville Hintikka

The dosage of small amounts of liquid is demanding routine work in laboratories. The design of the electronic Picus pipette focused on ergonomics, usability and performance. It is the lightest and most accurate electronic pipette on the market, with several technological details making it a forerunner.


Suunto D9tx wristop dive computer
Suunto Oy

Design: Timo Yliluoma, Industrial Designer; Mikko Sepänniitty, Technology Development Engineer; Jyrki Uusitalo, Technology Development Manager; Antti Kujala, Design Manager; Pia Talja, Product Manager

Suunto D9tx is the world's first wristwatch-sized dive computer designed for Trimix gas diving. It instructs to change the gas mixture according to need, among other operations, and permits thus deeper dives than before. The design makes the dive computer also an elegant and opulent wristwatch.


Visio retail concept
Tikkurila Plc

Design: Arni Aromaa / Pentagon Design; Anna Hoskonen / Pentagon Design; Pia Thurman / Pentagon Design; Aki Karttunen / Tikkurila Oyj; Marja Koivusaari / Tikkurila Oyj; Marika Raike / Tikkurila Oyj

Visio is a retailing concept for interior paints to facilitate the customer's independent choice of colours and paints. It comprises colour combinations, guides and a white space where the colours can be perceived with different light sources. The concept also provides added visibility in hardware stores.


Valtra N163 Direct agricultural tractor

Valtra Oy

Design: Kimmo Wihinen, Design Manager, Valtra Oy; Harri Alanen, Design Manager, ED-Design Oy; Matti Makkonen, Design Director, ED-Design Oy; Timo Viitala, Mechanical Designer, ED-Design Oy; Mika Nevalainen, Design Engineer, Karhunpääsuunnittelu Oy

The Valtra N163 Direct is the world's strongest four-cylinder agricultural tractor. Its unique combination of light weight and power ensure agility, energy efficiency and environmentally friendly use. The design of the chassis permits fast work in limited space; ergonomic properties and ease of work are of the highest level.