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Fennia Prize 2017

Fennia Prize, organized every second year, is one of the biggest design competitions in Finland. It is organized by the design promotion organization Design Forum Finland, the Fennia Group, Elo, and the Finnish Patent and Registration Office.

The results of Fennia Prize 2017, Finland's biggest design competition for companies and organizations, were announced on Thursday 19 January 2017. The Fennia Prize Grand Prix of 10,000 € was given to Merivaara Corporation, a company that has made consistent use of design in its product development for several years.

Five Fennia Prize Winner prizes were also awarded in the competition. The receivers were: Consair Oy for its CAMU 1200 clean air management unit, Genelec Oy for the new smart active loudspeaker, Naava for its smart green wall, Pentagon Design Oy for the liquorice concept for Fazer, and Planmed Oy for the Planmed Clarity mammography unit. Fennia Prize Hounourable mentions were given to ten companies: Fiskars Finland Oy Ab, INTO Concept Oy, Jukolux Oy, Konecranes Global Oy, LINK Design and Development Oy, Lojer Oy, Nuviz Oy, Pomarfin Oy, PUF Design Market and Skanska Talonrakennus Oy.

In addition to Fennia Prizes, the Finnish Patent and Registration Office gave out the IPR Excellence prize for the protection of intellectual property rights. In 2017 the prize was given to two companies: Lojer Oy for the Manuthera mobilisation table, and for Secto Design Oy for active protection of its IPR rights.

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Fennia Prize 2017 was part of the Finland 100 programme in 2017.


Fennia Prize Grand Prix 2017

Merivaara Oy
Q-Flow surgical light

Design: R&D Director Jyrki Nieminen / Merivaara, Project Manager Paul Bärlund, Creative Director Pekka Kumpula / S.E.O.S. Design; VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd. / optical design; Halton Group / aerodynamic design

Merivaara Corporation, founded in 1901, provides operating-room systems and hospital furniture, exporting over 85% of its products. The Q-Flow™ Surgical Light is the latest addition to the company's product range and a bold solution in a highly competitive global market. Several innovations improve the level of hygiene in the operating rooms and make the work of the personnel more effective, among other features. Merivaara's product development is based on multidisciplinary research and a thorough knowledge of the users of the product. In the awarded surgical light, the combination of high technology and design provides definite benefits for users and competitive assets and distinctiveness for the corporation.

Watch the video interview with R&D Manager Jyrki Nieminen and Marketing Manager Josefin Hoviniemi!


Fennia Prize Winner 2017

Consair Oy
CAMU 1200 Clean Air Management Unit

Design: Industrial designer Antti Väisänen Pekka Silen, Frank Russi, Innvolve Oy

Dust is a major problem at building sites: it is a health risk that is also an obstacle in various stages of the work. Consair developed a simple and functioning solution for the problem. CAMU 1200 is a portable workstation for mixing plaster and grout. The main goal in its designing was to find ways to motivate building workers to engage in dust control. User-based design and the participation of users in product development and testing were included in all stages of product development and they also helped motivate users. The product, business and the brand were constructed in a comprehensive manner with clientele in mind.


Genelec Oy
Acoustically Coaxial Three-Way Smart Active Monitor Loudspeaker

Design: Harri Koskinen

Genelec is a world leader in developing and producing monitor loudspeakers. The new model 8351 of smart monitor loudspeakers represents the best solutions in the world. Its many innovations ensure excellent audio quality and the design has direct influence on the properties of the speaker. The main new features of the speaker are technological, but they are seamlessly integrated and supported by design suited for the purpose and leading to optimum results. Genelec has long traditions of applying industrial design, which is an integral part of its international brand, user experience and distinctiveness in the market.


Naava Smart Green Wall

Design: Ville Kokkonen and the Naava Research & Development team (including Niko Järvinen, Tuomo Kangas, Aino Borg)

The Naava smart green wall is a solution to impure air in interior spaces. The root microbes of plants growing in the green wall break down noxious chemicals in the indoor air. Based on NASA's researches, Naava developed its method which increases the air purification potential of plants with active ventilation, a soil-free substrate, and AI-driven technology. The service function attends to the well-being of the plants and the quality of indoor air. There is potential in for solutions countering indoor air problems and the product/service combination provides added value for clients.

Watch the video interview with Brand Manager Eeva Niemelä!


Pentagon Design Oy
Fazer Lakritsi: Fine Finnish Liquorice

Design: Creative Director Arni Aromaa, Design Planner Virva Haltsonen, Concept design Matias Halmeenmäki, Mats Lönngren, Graphic design Ilmari Ahola, Riikka Kuukka, Pia Thurman, Photographs Kristiina Hemminki / Studio Fotonokka Oy; Designated client representative Päivi Svens / Fazer Makeiset Oy; Other persons involved in the design process Noora Hiltula, Hanna Lehtonen, Soile Motsakov-Nykopp, Piia Tiainen / Fazer Makeiset Oy

Fazer wanted to renew one of its classic products, liquorice. The thorough development process by Pentagon Design included customer understanding studies, creating new flavours and packaging design. The aim was to make liquorice more desirable, and the new concept became to be a success. Fazer is developing a new design culture, applying design more broadly than in packaging alone. Design has been included as a core element in the overall development of business operations and it has been possible to create a brand and premium confectionery from a bulk product.


Planmed Oy
Planmed Clarity mammography unit

Design: Industrial and user interface design Tapio Laukkanen, other design the Planmed product development team

Planmed is one the world’s leading manufacturers of mammography units, exporting 98% of its production. Planmed Clarity is a digital mammography unit for the screening and diagnosis of breast cancer. It provides the operating nurse with good conditions, and efforts have been devoted to ergonomic properties and usability. Design is deeply integrated in Planmed’s product development process. The work is highly user-based, and different groups of users were considered, such as patients, x-ray nurses and service technicians. The company’s long experience of applying design has led to both commercial results and a strong and recognised brand.


Fennia Prize Honourable Mention 2017

Fiskars Finland Oy Ab
Fiskars Waterwheel Set

Design: Fiskars R&D Team BU Functional Products

Fiskars has expanded its range of gardening tools to watering equipment. The Fiskars Waterwheel is a garden hose set that is as handy as a vacuum cleaner: it has a built-in compartment for all the needed accessories. The set with its handle is easy to carry, weighing just 3.5 kilograms. The Waterwheel is designed to lay horizontal, allowing for effortless 360-degree movement around the garden. Fiskars’ product development is always based on users’ needs. The Waterwheel is a new solution to a permanent problem in gardening. The company’s design DNA is consistent and recognizable.


INTO Concept Oy
INTO the Nordic Silence furniture concept

Design: Interior architect SIO Hanna Gullstén, Interior architect SIO, architect SAFA Jari Inkinen

INTO the Nordic Silence is an interior design concept for office and learning environments to improve their ergonomic and acoustic properties. The range consists of different workstation solutions, spatial modules and space dividers. With them, e.g. quiet locations for concentrated work can be created. The concept is a response to the demand in the market for office furniture that supports better the new ways of working, adding to existing interior design. The product range has an integrated and clear-cut Scandinavian vocabulary of form.


Jukolux Oy
JUKO HX luminaire

Design: Concept and product development Sami Gräsbeck, Ismo Aukee / Jukolux Oy
Design Paavo Mäkelä / RD Velho Oy; Mechanical features and assembly solutions Riku Lambacka, Miika Sinelmaa / RD Velho Oy; Production and manufacturing moulds Timo Nurminen, Heini Heikkinen / Jukova Corporation Oy

The JUKO HX luminaire was designed specifically for hazardous locations with a risk of explosion due to explosive gas, dust or vapour, such as oil refineries and processing plants. Product development proceeded from a customer study outlining the wishes of users: efficient lighting, a long product lifespan, maintenance-free use and ecological considerations. With its many innovative solutions, the luminaire serves the demanding special needs well. There was special focus on cooling and easy installation.


Konecranes Global Oy
Remote Operating Station

Design: Konecranes Industrial Design Team

Konecranes is a world-leading group of Lifting Businesses™. Shipyards, ports and terminals can be demanding and hazardous workplaces, which means that many cranes have been designed to be remotely operated. The Remote Operating System (ROS) offers the operator an office-type workstation for increased safety and efficiency. Several cranes can be conveniently operated from a single workstation. Konecranes has applied thorough user studies in its product design for many years. The ROS makes the work of operators more pleasant and less strenuous, which improves work satisfaction.


LINK Design and Development Oy
Foller, concept for reducing food waste

Design: Tomi Kankainen, Antti Eloheimo, Mikael Hirn, Ville Hirvonen, Anu Kankainen, Vladimir Abramov, Jaakko Anttila / LINK Design and Development Oy; Kimmo Saarela / TreLab Oy; Henri Pihkala / Streamr Oy

Food waste is a topical global challenge. Foller is an automated, real-time digital pricing and marketing system applying the Internet of things. It helps both grocery retailers and consumers to notice products approaching their use-by date and to utilise them. With the aid of sensors and the sales history of products, the system notices products in risk of expiration and starts to market them actively. Foller is an innovative, customer-based business concept with real benefits for both consumers and retailers.


Lojer Oy
Manuthera 242 mobilisation and manipulation table

Design: naprapath Teuvo Keisala, ndustrial designer Mari Alahuhtala, product development engineer Pasi Koski-Vähälä, product development manager Mika Kuusela, technician Pekka Putaja

Lojer is Finland’s leading manufacturer of medical furniture and an internationally significant player in its field, exporting over 60% of its production. The Manuthera treatment table is for professionals in manipulation treatment, such as physiotherapists. It is the result of a three-year period of product development, and contains innovative and patented technological features. Lojer has successfully applied design and high quality as competitive assets. The product development work on the treatment table was a major investment for the company, whose goal was to create the best treatment table in the world.


Nuviz Oy
NUVIZ HUD head-up display

Design: Valtteri Eroma, Heli Säde, Ilkka Husgafvel / Nuviz Oy

NUVIZ HUD is a new head-up display for motorcycle helmets, giving the rider information on speed, location and other data while on the road. The display image is optically projected with the aid of a semi-transparent mirror into the field of vision so that it appears to be approximately ten metres in front of the rider. This means that the rider can keep his or her eyes on the road. The NUVIZ HUD will be launched in spring 2017. It is a good example of a product that has been developed from an application of a technical innovation, benefiting further from user-based design approach.


Pomarfin Oy
The Pomar Felt Boot collection

Design: Pomar Design Team: Design Manager Minna Peltomäki, Designer Mette Hiltunen

Pomarfin revised the traditional Finnish felt boot. The boots of this collection can be worn in freezing, wet and slushy conditions alike. Woollen felt is a warm, breathable and durable material, and the lining laminated on a Gore-Tex membrane makes the felt boots as waterproof as rubber boots. Pomarfin is one of the few companies whose shoes are still being made in Europe. The Felt Boot collection combines tradition with a modern appearance and practical materials. Felt boots have been developed into a product for the present climate and contemporary trends.


PUF Design Market
PUF Design Market concept shop

Design: Hanna Pennanen, Matti Järvinen

PUF Design Market is a design and fashion sales concept making it easier for small brands to enter the market: a shared sales platform where individual modules can be rented. PUF attends to all the practical arrangements, allowing designers to focus on creative work. The webstore makes the products available everywhere. In the summer, PUF expands with a shipping container that can be taken to festivals. PUF Design Market is an easy and natural solution to the problems of small manufacturers and brands: visibility, distinction, findability and the challenges of commercial skills. Photo: Kerttu Pennanen


Skanska Talonrakennus Oy
Home Store Concept

Design: Design Manager Sari Anttonen, Business Development Manager Susanna Sucksdorff, Interior Design Coordinator Sonja Lepistö / Skanska Kodit
Retail Art Director Ann-Catrin Friborg / ReActor Retail

Skanska Homes studied the home-buyer’s customer path and developed a service concept, where one can study alternatives for materials in his or her future apartments in a comfortable setting and with the assistance of expert customer guides. The carefully designed solutions of the store ensure an integrated look and service experience everywhere. The concept supports the work of salespersons and customer service and the Skanska brand as a reliable housing developer. The Home Store is a new concept in its field, expanding Skanska's operations from construction to customer experience.



IPR Excellence

The IPR Excellence and prize sums totalling € 5,000 for the commendable use of Intellectual Property Rights are awarded by the Finnish Patent and Registration Office. The IPR Excellence of 2017 goes to two companies, Lojer Oy and Secto Design Oy.

Lojer Oy
Manuthera mobilisation table

Design: Naprapath Teuvo Keisala, industrial designer Mari Alahuhtala, product development engineer Pasi Koski-Vähälä, product development manager Mika Kuusela,  technician Pekka Putaja

Lojer has applied technicakl solutions and industrioal design in its treatment table and protected the product in a wide range of ways, with the use of patents, trademarks and model protection in mutually supportive ways. IPR rights were also applied systematically in the international market. The Lojer company's products combine a wide range of technical competence with practical design, making the hard work of treatment staff easier adn treatment more pleasant for patients.

Secto Design Oy
Petite lamp collection

Design: Seppo Koho

Secto Design has extensively applied model rights and trademarks in its information and as means of acquiring a competitive advantage. Secto Design actively defends its IPR rights. The Secto Design's lamps bring joy and light into everyday life and the darkness of autumn. They carry on the legacy of Finnish design of elegant, simple refinement. Secto Design has also made ingenious use of Finnish wood in its products.



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