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Kaj Franck Design Prize 1993:
Professor, interior architect Pirkko Stenros

Interior architect Pirkko Stenros has designed streamlined furniture of a distinctly Finnish appearance for decades and is known for her work with furniture marketed under the Muurame brand.

Stenros has gained distinction in developing the visual environment of the home. Having begun in the 1950s with a furniture collection for children, Pirkko Stenros's determined approach has expanded to furniture for adults, storage furniture for homes and public spaces and collections of tables and chairs.

Pirkko Stenros has designed whole families of furniture, maintaining a minimized and timeless spirit independent of fashion trends. Furniture by Stenros has undergone renewal in a contemporary spirit and in accordance with present-day requirements, for example with the growing need of furniture for personal computers. At the same time, however, all the items can be seamlessly combined with the older models. Pirkko Stenros received the State Prize of Design in 1969, the Export Prize of the President of Finland in 1987 and the IKEA Prize in 1995.