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Kaj Franck Design Prize 2000:
Textile designer Ritva Puotila

Textile designer Ritva Puotila has pursued a career involving ryijy weaves and textiles, working in particular in linen and paper string.

She is a versatile and successful designer, who has also created unique, one-off works alongside manufactured products. In addition to work in Finland, Ritva Puotila has for many decades designed textiles for foreign companies, such as Dansk International Design in the United States.

Ritva Puotila is best known for her paper-string products, which she designs for the Woodnotes company. The high-standard paper-string carpets, table-setting products and interior decoration articles are the result of long-term persevering development. As the manufacture of paper string was about to end in Finland, Puotila's work has also entailed an element of risk. Developing the products also required work to develop their material and to maintain its production. Ritva Puotila's merits include, among other distinctions, the Gold Medal of the Milan Triennial of 1960, the Finnish State Prize of Design of 1981, the 1996 Finland Prize of the Finnish Ministry of Education, and the Textile Designer of the Year award in 2001.