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Kaj Franck Design Prize 2001:
Industrial designer Eero Miettinen

Industrial designer Eero Miettinen has worked as a designer for the Finnish automobile and truck industry and in companies focusing on high technology.

He also has wide professional experience of the internationalization of companies and the resulting requirements placed on designers. Eero Miettinen began his career at Sisu-Auto Ltd. where he designed heavy-duty vehicles, industrial tractors and trucks. As head of design at Saab-Valmet Ltd., he concentrated on automobiles. Together with his team, Miettinen was responsible for the conceptual and year-model design of convertibles, among other products. He has also been Design Manager at Nokia.

Eero Miettinen underlines the importance of not only collegial cooperation among designers but also the collaboration of various professional groups in creating products. In 1994 he was given the title of Industrial Designer of the Year by TKO, the Finnish Association of Industrial Designers. Among other awards, Miettinen has received the prize of the Finnish Automobile and Traffic Journalists’ Association.