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Kaj Franck Design Prize 2002:
Ceramic designer Anneli Sainio

Ceramic designer Anneli Sainio has independently developed clay materials, glazes and firing techniques for her products and thus created her own original collections of tableware based on small series.

Her work combines the basic techniques of pottery with functional and practical solutions. Anneli Sainio established her first ceramics studio in Helsinki in the early 1980s. Moving to the Fiskars crafts community in 1994, she began to work on self-employed basis. She was also one of the founding members of the cooperative of artists, designers and artists in Fiskars.

For Anneli Sainio, ceramics is literally a way of life and a livelihood. Her work is steered by an intense desire and love for clay, and by the material’s boundless opportunities for experiment and new objects. Her deep knowledge of ceramics has resulted in a unique language of form. Anneli Sainio’s works have much in common with Kaj Franck’s ideology of design: the desire to create household objects of beauty serving a variety of uses with nothing unnecessary or superfluous.