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Kaj Franck Design Prize 2003:
Industrial designer Risto Väätänen

Industrial designer Risto Väätänen has followed a trailblazing career as a designer in heavy industry.

He has worked to improve the conditions of everyday working life and to instil soft values in a field where they have not been self-evident elements. Employed by the Metso Group among other companies, Väätänen has promoted the position of design in Finland’s basic industries and has participated in furthering the use and applications of design also at the national level.

In his work with the design of machinery for the paper industry, Risto Väätänen has always sought to reach beneath the surface and to apply design also to machinery parts that remain unseen. He has resolutely implemented his insight that design provides a solid competitive edge not only with regard to the use and maintenance of these massive machines but also in obtaining better cost efficiency, and in the worldwide marketing of the machinery. Risto Väätänen has thoroughly focused on the concept of design management and has been significantly involved in introducing it into business operations.