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Young Designer of the Year 2009:
Terhi Tuominen and Mikko Laakkonen

Furniture designers Mikko Laakkonen (born 1974) and Terhi Tuominen (born 1979) were the receivers of the Young Designer of the Year Prize of 2009. Mikko Laakkonen designs furniture in his own design studio. He has also participated foreign exhibitions along with several groups of Finnish designers. Terhi Tuominen works in the design of interiors, exhibition displays and corporate events of various kinds. She has received international and Finnish prizes and awards and has participated in numerous exhibitions both on a solo basis and as a member of a group or team of designers.

The prize jury noted that the awarded designers have introduced a new look to products that have been designed innumerable times, such as chairs and tables. The products are playful and light, while also clear-cut and functional in a sensible manner. Both designers are active and sales-oriented and have proved themselves to be willing and able to take risks. They have boldly set out to market their skills to businesses both in Finland and internationally.