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Young Designer of the Year 2010:
Imu and Aivan!

The Young Designer of the Year Prize of 2010 went to the Aivan! and Imu groups, comprising seven young designers committed to joint effort. Aivan! is a design studio organized as a company, with Jarkko Jämsén (born 1975), Antti Mäkelä (born 1980), Mikael Silvanto (born 1980) and Saku Sysiö (born 1980) as its members. Imu is a community of designers founded by Elina Aalto (born 1976), Krista Kosonen (born 1975) and Saara Renvall (born 1973).

The work of Aivan! is marked by interest and curiosity. Its bold and often large projects require collaboration and the exchange of information with experts in various fields, researchers, engineers and behavioural scientists. Imu's original concept is based on the ideas of collaboration and community, with doors open to students and new designers. They are given an opportunity to work and enter the market with advice and support from more experienced designers. Jointly realized projects, including exhibitions, have introduced young designers on the market. The jury noted that in the prize-winning groups the change in the modes of operation of design towards more communal, the work of groups, has taken place as a natural part of the work.