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Young Designer of the Year 2012:
Linda Bergroth and OK Do

Design Forum Finland's Young Designer of the Year Prize of 2012 was received by designer Linda Bergroth (born 1978) and the arts/design collective OK Do (Anni Puolakka, born 1983 and Jenna Sutela, born 1983). 
Linda Bergroth has worked internationally in spatial, furniture and set design and participated in several collaborative projects combining various areas of design. OK Do is a creative collective founded in 2009 and operating in Helsinki and Paris. It has published books, set up installations and produced events in the interstices of design and art.

On World Design Capital year 2012 the prize jury wanted to award both traditional and novel approaches to design. Linda Bergroth is a designer with long experience and strong achievements on several fields of design. OK Do acts on new areas of design and has brought visibility to design in various collaborative projects, among other activities. All the awarded represent natural internationality and operate globally even at this moment.