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DESIGN FORUM Talk: Values and managing

16 May 2019, Valkoinen Sali, Helsinki

How do the values of a company turn into a brand, customer promises and business? How do they support a company when old business models are changing, and competitive edge is gained with new means? Which will make it in the future: companies that seek fast growth or those operating responsibly and purposefully? How do we manage values – how do we manage with values? And how can we use design methods in this?

The themes of the first DESIGN FORUM Talk of this spring were values and design, how they show in business and how all this brings value and meaning to the customer, too.

The speakers were:
Aate Autio, Design Anthropologist / Aiwo Digital
Kati Ahvonen, Senior Consultant / Demos Helsinki
Timo Lappi, Growth Entrepreneur / Heltti
Hannu Oksa, Creative Director / Reaktor
Mikko Koponen, Sales Director / Finlayson Oy
Petteri Kolinen, CEO / Design Forum Finland

The event was moderated by Antti Pitkänen, Chairman of the Board, Insights & Strategy Director / Agile Work

More information:
Producer Saija Malila
saija.malila(a), +358 44 727 2280