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DESIGN FORUM talk: Growth from design

22 March Kellohalli, Helsinki
Although the national economy in Finland has turned towards slow growth and consumers' faith in the economy has risen, the situation is still disconcerting and there is demand for boosting. Along with several other factors, design is believed to have potential as a tool of growth for enterprises. The use of design in Finnish companies is small, however, and the opportunities it could offer are weakly understood and utilized. Could design be a growth factor?

The specialist presentations of DESIGN FORUM talk covered growth challenges from various points of view: in national economy, in branding and design skills of companies, and regarding to the ROI in design. Speakers were Vesa Vihriälä, Managing Director of the Research Institute of the Finnish Economy, marketing specialist Anne Korkiakoski, docent Antti Ainamo from Aalto University, Päivi Svens, Director, Brand & Category Management and Head of Design of Fazer, and Sales Manager of Framery Lasse Karvinen. Company cases focused on the use of design and design management. The moderator was Arni Aromaa, Creative Director and CEO, from Pentagon Design. Video recordings of the event can be seen at the Design Forum talk webpage in Finnish but note that the event was in Finnish.

More information:
Project Manager Aino Vepsäläinen
aino.vepsalainen(a), +358 50 355 6606