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DESIGN FORUM talk: Empathy and technology

28 November 2017 Kellohalli, Helsinki

In Finland, we have cutting-edge technological know-how and top class product specifications but how does technology meet its user, the human being? Is empathy the solution for appreciating the user? How can we make use of empathy in customer-oriented design and channel technology towards its user? Breakfast and answers to these questions were served in the last DESIGN FORUM talk event in Kellohalli on 28 November 2017.

Petteri Kolinen, CEO, Design Forum Finland
Nelli Lähteenmäki, CEO, Co-founder, Fifth Corner Inc.
Anna Seppänen, Doctoral Researcher, Faculty of Theology, University of Helsinki
Sampsa Fabritius, CEO, Co-founder, Kieku Labs Oy
Timo Kauppila, CEO, Co-founder, Catchbox

The moderator of the event was Mikko Väätäinen, Business Designer, Solita.

More information:
Project Manager Aino Vepsäläinen
aino.vepsalainen(a), +358 50 355 6606

anna seppänen

Doctoral researcher, Faculty of Theology, University of Helsinki

sampsa fabritius

CEO, Co-founder, Kieku Labs

timo kauppila

CEO, Co-founder, Catchbox

petteri kolinen

CEO, Design Forum Finland

Photo: Marco Melander

nelli lähteenmäki

CEO, Co-founder, Fifth Corner Inc.

Photo: Jaakko Kahilaniemi

mikko väätäinen

Business Designer, Solita; moderator of DESIGN FORUM talk