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DESIGN FORUM Talk: Design, value and meaning 

28 November 2018 Valkoinen Sali, Helsinki

Design can bring added value to companies, that has already been proved. However, this added value has usually been economical. With complex problems, more can be gained by making use of design: comprehensive solutions, new viewpoints, human-centered operational models.

What can this “different” value be, gained with design? How can you perceive it, on various levels – in everyday life, social structures, global systems? And as our needs are turning more and more from material to immaterial, meanings and higher ambitions come forward. How does the value brought by design relate to relevance, the feeling that something is important? How do you create meaning through design? These were the topics of the last Design Forum Talk of 2018.

The speakers were:

Petteri Kolinen, CEO / Design Forum Finland
Sami Niemelä, Creative Director / Nordkapp
Anu Partanen, journalist, author
Pilvi Torsti, Member of Parliament and Founder-Partner / HEI Schools & Milla Kokko, CEO, Founder-Partner / HEI Schools
Nicolas von Flittner, Product Design Lead / M4ID
Arndt Pechstein, Agile Coach, Change Consultant & Business Culture Catalyst / phi360, Berlin

The event was moderated by Ville Tikka, Strategy & Design Lead / Wevolve.


 Watch the keynote speech by Dr. Arndt Pechstein below: