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EcoDesign Sprint

EcoDesign Sprint combines training, practical learning, innovations, and product development with design methods.

EcoDesign Sprint is a training programme intended for SME's and design agencies interested in the possibilities of circular economy.

The primary goal of the programme is to increase the expertise of SME's and the Finnish design sector in circular economy. Another goal is to create business concepts for the companies according to circular economy and thus develop the business operations as well as more sustainable products and services for them.

The partner of Design Forum Finland in this project is Ethica Oy, the internationally acknowledged expert in circular economy.

The application period for the programme was in September 2017 and the selected companies participated in the Sprint training in winter 2018.

Contact person:
Project Manager Aino Vepsäläinen
aino.vepsalainen(a), +358 (0)50 355 6606


EcoDesign Sprint workshops

The EcoDesign Sprint workshops of the selected teams were carried out in an intensive period of a couple of weeks in December 2017 and March 2018. In the workshops two business concepts after the principles of circular economy were developed for the client companies. One of the concepts was a short-term proposition which the company can immediately apply in its operations. The other concept was to be further developed to a roadmap or a vision which would provide with ideas for longer-term changes and operations. The Sprint teams were instructed by Anne Raudaskoski from Ethica Oy, a company specialised in circular economy.


EcoDesign Sprint teams

The open call to EcoDesign Sprint program in September resulted in a set of great applications from both companies and design agencies. In the selection of participating client companies, versatility and divergence were underlined; thus SME's from the food, building and textile industries were chosen. The client companies were Järki Särki Oy, Lumir Oy and Rockseri Oy (R-Collection).

The selection of design agencies was based on the applications and underlining the mutual compatibility of a client company and a design agency. The matching design agencies were Pentagon Design for Järki Särki; Muotohiomo for Lumir, and Arctic Design Factory for R-Collection.


Ethica Oy

Ethica is an internationally awarded consulting company specialised in circular economy, developing customised solutions for both public and private organizations in Finland and abroad.

In the heart of our approach is to find versatile opportunities for enterprises in business and service models of circular economy.

Developing and improving circular design strategies is an important part of our expert services. Ethica works iteratively in developing business models, circular design, and improving the customer experience.


EcoDesign Audit

As part of EcoDesign Circle, Eesti Disainikeskus has created the EcoDesign Audit tool which maps the current stage of clients' environmental and design practices. Audit points out what a company should do in order to adopt circular economy and ecological design as part of its strategy and product development process. In addition to this, the Audit tool helps recognize the possibilities of circular economy and corresponding design, as well as their application in the company. The Audit stage took place in October. The companies had to reserve one working day for the interviews of 1–3 key persons and workshop. Design agencies were not part of the Audit stage.


EcoDesign Circle

Ecodesign, ecological design, is an approach where the aim is to get as small an impact as possible and to optimize environmental effects of a product through its life cycle. The aim of EcoDesign Circle is to join and network various actors, e.g. professionals in design, circular economy, and sustainable development, enterprises, schools and universities, and design organizations. The aim is to increase the understanding and skills of various interest groups in ecological design and circular economy, and to further the implementation of circular economy methods.

EcoDesign Sprint is part of EcoDesign Circle: Ecodesign as driver of innovation in the Baltic Sea Region, a three-year (2016–2019) development project partly funded by the Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme of the European Union. EcoDesign Circle develops circular economy and related business, research and educational activities with the means of design and design thinking.

The Lead Partner of the project is the Umweltbundesamt UBA of Germany. The other partners are Internationales Design Zentrum Berlin (Germany), Eesti Disainikeskus (Estonia), Lithuanian Designers' Society (Lithuania), Design Forum Finland (Finland), Stiftelsen Svensk Industridesign (Sweden) and Gdynia Innovative – Pomeranian Science and Technology Park – Gdynia Design Centre (Poland). The total budget of the project is € 2.2 million.

Read more about EcoDesign Circle


EcoDesign Sprint Kick-off 23.11.2017

23 November 2017 8.30–11am
Design Forum Finland, Helsinki

The launch event of EcoDesign Sprint was arranged in November 2017. The aim of the event was to build a network of companies and design agencies interested in circular economy, including those that were not selected to participate the EcoDesign Sprint programme this time. Anne Raudaskoski from Ethica Oy gave a lecture and organised a workshop about circular design.


Other events

EcoDesign Sprint workhop
21 February 2018 at 1–4pm
Arctic Design Week, Science Centre Pilke, Rovaniemi

The workshop guided the participants into the world of circular design. The workshop was arranged by Design Forum Finland as part of EcoDesign Circle and it was led by circular economy expert Anne Raudaskoski from Ethica Oy. The workshop was arranged in connection with the Reconsider Design exhibition at Science Centre Pilke.

Member morning coffee
15 September 2017 9–11am
Design Forum Finland

The topic of the member morning coffee was Circular Economy and Disruptive Design, with designer Leyla Acroglu, UN Champion of the Earth and TED speaker as the keynote speaker. EcoDesign Sprint, the training program for SME's and design agencies, was also launched during the morning.