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EcoDesign Circle @ Arctic Design Week

EcoDesign Sprint Workshop
Wed 21 February 2018 at 1–4 p

The workshop will introduce you the guiding principles of the circular economy and explore the concept of circular design. What does circular design mean? What are the most important viewpoints that every designer should know? Through various case examples and exercises you will learn the basics of the circular design framework. If you want to gear up for the workshop, select a product of your choice which you will focus on during the exercise.

The workshop is organized by Design Forum Finland as part of the EcoDesign Circle projects and led by Anne Raudaskoski, Co-founder and Principal Consultant of Ethica Oy. The workshop is held at Reconsider Design exhibition at Tiedekeskus Pilke.

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Reconsider Design exhibition
21 Feb–11 March 2018

The carefully selected eco projects presented at the Reconsider Design exhibition are intended to encourage visitors to consider their daily habits in order to reduce the negative impact of human activities on the environment, without sacrificing quality or the unique charactre of items, The Reconsider Design exhibition is presented in several Baltic Sea countries, including Poland, Lithuania, Finland, Sweden, and Germany.

Reconsider Design
21 Feb–11 March 2018
Tiedekeskus Pilke
Ounasjoentie 6, Rovaniemi

More information about the Reconsider Design exhibition:

Project Manager Laila Alanen
laila.alanen(a), +358 50 548 4114