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Design-led change for the Circular Economy
Keynote speech by Dr. Leyla Acaroglu 

Design is one of the most powerful social influencers we have in shaping the world, so how can we use design to create a future that works better for all of us?

Designer, sociologist and Sustainability Provocateur Dr. Leyla Acaroglu explores the intersection of cognitive, social and environmental sciences to build experiences and interventions that help challenge the status quo and shift the trajectory of the future towards sustainability. Her pioneering work demystifies the hidden lives of everyday things and unpacks the cognitive experiences of the human and material world. She pushes for new narratives about sustainability and the way design, architecture and technology can help to rapidly pave the way towards a circular economy. 

In the keynote speech of Design <3 Circular Economy Dr. Acaroglu speaks about shifting from linear to circular systems. It requires a shift in mindset, development of creative tools and the adoption of systemic approaches to how design influences society and the environment. Designers more so than ever can make positive change through their productions by adapting to systems thinking and circuital creativity. In this fascinating key note, Leyla Acaroglu will share the tools for creative disruption by design, and challenge all creatives to reconfigure for the circular economy.