Open call for the EcoDesign Sprint 4.0

Do you want to enhance the circular economy in your company? Do you want to find new business opportunities relevant for you? Do you want to move from linear business models to circular business? Do you want to test how circular design enhances digital service innovation?

Design Forum Finland is piloting the EcoDesign Sprint 4.0 as a part of the international EcoDesign Circle 4.0 project focusing on services for a circular business. This is a great opportunity to create circular business.

What is it?

ECODESIGN SPRINT 4.0 is a online training and acceleration programme in the circular economy. It is intended for SMEs that want to learn more about the business possibilities of the circular economy and enhance their (digital) services towards circular economy.

THE PRIMARY GOAL is to provide the participants with in-depth knowledge on the possibilities and business models of the circular economy. Another goal is to develop the business of SMEs and create more sustainable services for them with circular economy and design methods.

THE SELECTED SME is the client company in the pilot Sprint. During the Sprint, the client company will learn more about the circular economy, its business models and design methods together with a circular economy expert and a service design agency. The Sprint produces circular concept ideas that will help develop the client’s business.

Design Forum Finland will choose the client company for the Eco Design Sprint 4.0. pilot. The chosen company (its representatives, e.g. a multidisciplinary team including people from different positions) will work as a team with the circular economy expert from Circular Economy Consultancy Ethica Oy and with design professionals from Service Design Agency Hellon in a 2–3 day online workshop.

As this is a pilot workshop of the international / multinational circular economy project, a few participants from the partnering countries will also be involved in the workshop, both helping in facilitating the workshop and learning about the EcoDesign Sprint -method.

The EcoDesign Sprint 4.0 team will jointly produce at least two circular service ideas for the client company. The client can further develop and implement these after the EcoDesign Sprint 4.0.


  • vantage point into the business potential of the circular economy
  • customised support and mentoring of circular economy and service design experts
  • boost for digital service creation
  • the client receives two service ideas for further development 

Who is it for?

THE PILOT is intended for one Finnish SME, regardless of its sector, location or experience in the circular economy or design. The most important selection criteria are an interest in service development according to the circular economy and the willingness to invest time in the process as well as to develop the concept ideas further.

Another criterion is openness and willingness to receive new ideas and operate in a multidisciplinary, unprejudiced and cooperative expert team with online methods.

The client company is also expected to be able to give feedback about the workshop methodology and results and be interviewed for the development of the method.

The following are criteria in the selection:

  • a motivation to move from products to services or improve their services
  • a motivation to move from a linear business model to a circular business one
  • an ability to invest time of the multidisciplinary staff team during the week 43 in October (The client company is expected to spend approximately 3–4 workdays on the process as a whole.)
  • willingness to share experiences of the pilot workshop afterwards with Design Forum Finland and The EcoDesign Circle project

When is it?

Application for SMEs has been closed.

ECODESIGN SPRINT 4.0. workshop
Week 43 October 2020
The detailed schedules will be agreed with the team.

How to apply and what does it cost:

Design Forum Finland will make the selection and inform the applicants by the end of September.

The Sprint is free of charge for the selected SME.

Please note that as the pilot itself is free of charge, you will be asked to make a brief declaration about state aid in the form of a “de minimis” declaration. In this case we will guide you through the administrative requirements.

ECODESIGN SPRINT is a part of the EcoDesign Circle 4.0 project. EcoDesign Circle 4.0 is an extension stage project of the circular economy in the framework of the Interreg Baltic Sea Region programme. It is co-financed by funds from the European Regional Development Fund, the European Neighbourhood Instrument and the Russian Federation. The Lead Partner is the German Environment Agency. EcoDesign Circle 4.0 follows on from the 2016–2019 Interreg BSR project EcoDesign Circle and will run until January 2021.

Check out more about EcoDesign Circle (4.0) and the Sprints: www.ecodesigncircle.eu




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