The official organization of the Finnish Society of Crafts and Design comprises its annual meeting and board. The primary objective of the Society is to maintain the work and activities of Design Forum Finland. Members of the Society include companies and organizations of the design sector. The Society has its annual meetings every spring and autumn.

Important objectives for the board are to promote the internationalization of Finnish design expertise, to encourage enterprises, particularly small and middle-sized firms, to apply design in product development, and to arouse the interest of the public in design.

The board of directors of the Finnish Society of Crafts and Design consists of six–eight leading decision-makers in the corporate and design sectors. Design Forum Finland is led by CEO who works under the Board of Directors.

Chairperson of the Board Ia Adlercreutz

Johanna Hamro-Drotz

Tuomo Kuosa

Matti Mannonen

Pekka Pokela (Vice Chairperson)

Jari Puhakka

Mikko-Pekka Hanski

Petteri Kolinen

Industrial designer, MA, Petteri Kolinen has a long experience in various managerial positions in design from diverse industries. In 1993–2007, Kolinen worked at Nokia as Design Manager, responsible for various teams, as well as e.g. managing the Design Studio at the Keilaniemi headquarters. After this, he was a member of the Group Management Team and Design Director at Martela. He joined Design Forum Finland from Nanso, where he held the post of Creative Director.

Previous Managing Directors

Dan Colliander (interim CEO) 2015
Mikko Kalhama 2006–2015
Ilpo Santala 2004–2006
Anne Stenros 1995–2004
Tapio Periäinen 1975–1994
H.O. Gummerus 1952–1975