Design Forum Finland’s values are sustainable and trailblazer.

We bring sustainable design and circular economy competence and knowledge to Finnish companies. We tell them about new opportunities to create sustainable business through design. We collaborate both in Finland and internationally to discover a more sustainable lifestyle.

Sustainability is involved in all Design Forum Finland’s activities and projects.

Our goal is to help find solutions to global problems through the means of design. Essentially, design is about solving problems and enhancing the quality of life of us all. Well working services build a healthy society. In designing new products, one should remember that approximately 80 % of a product’s environmental impact is decided in the design phase (source:; thus, design has relevance.




We selected four out of the seventeen UN Sustainable Development Goals. By focusing on these four we are best able to promote the implementation of sustainable development at the moment. The other Sustainable Development Goals are also taken into consideration, if possible, in all our activities and we will further develop them in order to promote the SDG’s.

Photo: SDG’s corresponding to Design Forum Finland’s values

Päivi Kaira

Brand Manager

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Saija Malila

Producer, Design Forum events, Service Designer

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