Bronze Estlander Medal 2019: Auli Suortti-Vuorio

Researcher Auli Suortti-Vuorio from Design Forum Finland received the Bronze Estlander Medal in autumn 2019.

Auli Suortti-Vuorio has spent most of her career in organizing the archives of the Finnish Society of Crafts and Design / Design Forum Finland. The archives are among the largest design archives in the world, consisting of documents from the 1870s, when the Society was founded, until the year 2013. Due to the shared history, they also include material from the predecessors of the School of Arts, Design and Architecture of the Aalto University as well as from the Museum of Industrial Arts, today’s Design Museum. The archives both extensively document the history of Finnish design and are an important source for design research.

Auli Suortti-Vuorio came to organize the archives in 1983 and the work continued over several periods until her recent retirement. She also managed the research services of the archives, founding this especially rewarding. Along with her work with the archives, Auli Suortti-Vuorio conducted research, participating in the editorial work of many books about Finnish design. These include the 130th anniversary publication of the Helsinki University of Art and Design, “Ateneum maskerad, Taideteollisuuden muotoja ja murroksia” (2000) and “Suomen taideteollisuus: suomalaisen muotoilun vaiheita” (1989) by Erik Kruskopf.

The Bronze Medal was given to Auli Suortti-Vuorio based on the importance of her work in documenting and cataloguing the history of Finnish industrial arts. It is a tribute to her work that the archives of the Society, now part of the archives of the Aalto University, are of high quality and their documents are available to researchers and those interested in Finnish design.