Fennia Prize 20 Grand Prix: Dottir Attorneys

Dottir Attorneys / Legal Design
– towards better design in legal services




Dottir Attorneys was founded in 2015 with the intention of offering legal services in a new way. Its operating culture and company image draw from sources that are not traditional of the industry. Dottir specialises in offering legal services to tech companies. Over the past few years, Dottir has emphasised its role as a Legal Design operator.

Legal Design is a concept that marries strategic design and legal expertise. In practice, design methods, such as multidisciplinarity and customer-orientation, are used in solving various legal challenges. This results in user-friendlier and more understandable legal services.

Dottir has employed Legal Design in its own products and utilises it in its assignments. Legal design is not only applied to the finishing touches of end products – contracts and documents – but the entire legal process from background research to services. Future customers want service solutions that cater to their business in a comprehensive and versatile way. Added value can be found in many places in addition to risk management.

We have Dottir to thank for Finland being a pioneer in Legal Design. Dottir was involved in founding the Legal Design Summit, which has now expanded and become the most prominent event in the industry on a global scale. Dottir has also productised the Legal Design concept under its Dot. brand offering both services and training in keeping with this new type of thinking.

Dottir is an excellent example of employing design in business strategy. With the help of design methods, the company has been able to differentiate itself from the competition and gain a genuine competitive edge in a highly conservative sector. Dottir services are understandable and based on human-centric thinking as well as customer needs. Both the company and the brand project a comprehensive and contemporary image. Dottir has also been able to actively communicate and market its approach, which breaks boundaries in traditional legal services.

Dottir is a legal design pioneer and a current example of world-class service design in Finland.