Hive Helsinki Foundation / Hive Coding School


Design agency Kuudes, design team: Erman Aycan, Jari Danielsson, Tony Eräpuro, Niko Hakala, Juha Koskinen, Janne Kupiainen, Oona Luostarinen, Mikko Mäkinen, Susanna Ollila, Juuso Salakka, Sonja Söderholm, Rosie Trudgen, Piëtke Visser

The Hive coding school was founded to meet the high demand for coders. It is based on a French concept that focuses on learning together and creative problem solving. Because the starting point was a learning concept, everything else had to be built from scratch: the physical environment, service paths, identity, visual look and website. The project also aimed at renewing the image of coding and the typical coder, and making the industry more approachable. Because Hive’s design was created from scratch, comprehensive background work was needed. The project utilised design in a versatile and comprehensive manner to create a completely new type of learning environment.

Photo: Kuudes