Fennia Prize 20 Honourable Mention: Planmeca Oy

Planmeca Oy / Planmeca Solanna Vision dental operating light


Design: Timo Silvonen
Product development: Planmeca tutkimusosasto ja hoitokonedivisioona

Planmeca is one of the leading dental care equipment manufacturers in the world. Its strengths lie in constant innovation and integrating design and brand thinking into product development. The company’s design language is also strong and identifiable. The Planmeca Solanna Vision operating light illuminates the dentist’s working area evenly and reproduces colours accurately without producing glare. It is also the first patient light with two fully integrated stereoscopic cameras and microphones. You can use the light e.g. to take images of the patient’s teeth or to video dental procedures. The new light has been tested by professionals and educational institutes, and user wishes have been taken into account.


Photo: Planmeca