Fennia Prize 20 Winner: City of Turku, 6Aika project

Lähikuva Turun kaupungin opastetaulusta

Turun kaupungin opastetaulu

City of Turku, 6Aika project / City guide system concept and pilot


Muotohiomo Oy
Turku development team for city guiding

The City of Turku implemented a comprehensive urban design project, which developed a guide system for the City to help people find services and locations more easily. The project generated a guide product family, including guide solutions, symbols, graphics, and installation and maintenance systems, all in line with the City brand.

The comprehensive project involved plenty of background research and utilised service design and participatory design methods, for example. The concept, signposts and the visuals were piloted and tested on the banks of the River Aura, and residents and tourists were asked to provide feedback. In addition to the physical guides, the City implemented a digital service map that can be accessed via the QR codes on the signposts. The project will be continued by renewing the entire guide system of the City in terms of both guide locations and design as well as the accessibility of information on services. A few other Finnish cities have also shown interest in the guide concept.

The project is a good example of how strategically employed design can be used to improve the city brand and urban environment. Through participatory design, users and residents had the chance to voice their opinions and make a difference. This also helped crystallise the City’s own vision. The feedback was largely positive and the end result was a functional and modern urban guide concept.