RideCake / RideCake electric light motorcycle


CAKE Design Team


The Swedish brand RideCake is renewing the concept of the electric light motorcycle. RideCake motorbikes are light, modular and easily adaptable. Depending on the capacity of the engine, they are either mopeds or light motorcycles. The eco-friendly and silent motorcycles are well suited to both the city and rougher terrains, and the needs of the modern consumer have been carefully considered in their design.

The motorcycles are built around a central bar, to which the handlebars, battery and electric motor and wheels are attached. The bar can also be used for attaching useful accessories, such as different racks designed for transporting goods. The versatile battery is also able to power other devices, such as computers. The online shop is key when it comes to marketing, which is something quite new in terms of purchasing a vehicle.

RideCake is challenging traditional motorcycles both in terms of visuals and attitude. The strong, novel design may even become iconic in the future. The brand experience is consistent and comprehensive. The business opportunities are promising: the target group is large and the motorcycles can be customised to meet many needs.