Fennia Prize 22 Honourable Mention: Ponsia Oy

Contemporary art as part of design and architecture, concept

Design: Laura Laurén, Mari Krappala

Ponsia has an innovative concept: it combines contemporary art with architecture and design by means of art design. The starting point is a work of art, fragments selected from which are digitalized and integrated into architecture. The difference to the conventional way of incorporating an art piece into architecture is the scalability of the digital materials, as well as the fact that the artist gets to keep the original work, which is not reproduced in its entirety. The service aims at spreading art to where it has usually not been used. The blockchain techonology is used to verify the authenticity of the work. The company has also launched its own product catalogue based on the same concept. By utilising design, Ponsia has developed a new earnings opportunity for artists.


Photo: Ponsia & artists