Fennia Prize Grand Prix 2017

Merivaara Corporation / Q-Flow surgical light

Design: R&D Director Jyrki Nieminen / Merivaara, Project Manager Paul Bärlund, Creative Director Pekka Kumpula / S.E.O.S. Design; VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd. / optical design; Halton Group / aerodynamic design

Merivaara Corporation, founded in 1901, provides operating-room systems and hospital furniture, exporting over 85% of its products. The Q-Flow™ Surgical Light is the latest addition to the company’s product range and a bold solution in a highly competitive global market. Several innovations improve the level of hygiene in the operating rooms and make the work of the personnel more effective, among other features. Merivaara’s product development is based on multidisciplinary research and a thorough knowledge of the users of the product. In the awarded surgical light, the combination of high technology and design provides definite benefits for users and competitive assets and distinctiveness for the corporation.


Photo: Merivaara Corporation