Fennia Prize Winner 2017

Consair Oy / CAMU 1200 Clean Air Management Unit

Design: Industrial designer Antti Väisänen Pekka Silen, Frank Russi, Innvolve Oy

Dust is a major problem at building sites: it is a health risk that is also an obstacle in various stages of the work. Consair developed a simple and functioning solution for the problem. CAMU 1200 is a portable workstation for mixing plaster and grout. The main goal in its designing was to find ways to motivate building workers to engage in dust control. User-based design and the participation of users in product development and testing were included in all stages of product development and they also helped motivate users. The product, business and the brand were constructed in a comprehensive manner with clientele in mind.


Photo: Consair

Genelec Oy / Acoustically Coaxial Three-Way Smart Active Monitor Loudspeaker

Design: Harri Koskinen

Genelec is a world leader in developing and producing monitor loudspeakers. The new model 8351 of smart monitor loudspeakers represents the best solutions in the world. Its many innovations ensure excellent audio quality and the design has direct influence on the properties of the speaker. The main new features of the speaker are technological, but they are seamlessly integrated and supported by design suited for the purpose and leading to optimum results. Genelec has long traditions of applying industrial design, which is an integral part of its international brand, user experience and distinctiveness in the market.



Naava / Naava Smart Green Wall

Design: Ville Kokkonen and the Naava Research & Development team (including Niko Järvinen, Tuomo Kangas, Aino Borg)

The Naava smart green wall is a solution to impure air in interior spaces. The root microbes of plants growing in the green wall break down noxious chemicals in the indoor air. Based on NASA’s researches, Naava developed its method which increases the air purification potential of plants with active ventilation, a soil-free substrate, and AI-driven technology. The service function attends to the well-being of the plants and the quality of indoor air. There is potential in for solutions countering indoor air problems and the product/service combination provides added value for clients.



Pentagon Design Oy / Fazer Lakritsi: Fine Finnish Liquorice

Design: Creative Director Arni Aromaa, Design Planner Virva Haltsonen, Concept design Matias Halmeenmäki, Mats Lönngren, Graphic design Ilmari Ahola, Riikka Kuukka, Pia Thurman, Photographs Kristiina Hemminki / Studio Fotonokka Oy; Designated client representative Päivi Svens / Fazer Makeiset Oy; Other persons involved in the design process Noora Hiltula, Hanna Lehtonen, Soile Motsakov-Nykopp, Piia Tiainen / Fazer Makeiset Oy

Fazer wanted to renew one of its classic products, liquorice. The thorough development process by Pentagon Design included customer understanding studies, creating new flavours and packaging design. The aim was to make liquorice more desirable, and the new concept became to be a success. Fazer is developing a new design culture, applying design more broadly than in packaging alone. Design has been included as a core element in the overall development of business operations and it has been possible to create a brand and premium confectionery from a bulk product.



Planmed Oy / Planmed Clarity mammography unit

Design: Industrial and user interface design Tapio Laukkanen, other design the Planmed product development team

Planmed is one the world’s leading manufacturers of mammography units, exporting 98% of its production. Planmed Clarity is a digital mammography unit for the screening and diagnosis of breast cancer. It provides the operating nurse with good conditions, and efforts have been devoted to ergonomic properties and usability. Design is deeply integrated in Planmed’s product development process. The work is highly user-based, and different groups of users were considered, such as patients, x-ray nurses and service technicians. The company’s long experience of applying design has led to both commercial results and a strong and recognised brand.