Kaj Franck Design Prize 2018: Tapio Anttila

Interior architect, designer Tapio Anttila was the receiver of the Kaj Franck Design Prize of 2018.

The prize jury stated that Tapio Anttila wonderfully carries on the Finnish design tradition in his own professional and creative way. During his career, he has worked both as an inhouse designer in a large organisation and as an entrepreneur in his own company. Characteristic features of his entire career are a deep cooperation with product development, functional structural solutions and a confident, individual design idiom. Products designed by Tapio Anttila feature insightful functionalities and excellent ergonomics. With his own company, Anttila has been able to build a comprehensive brand, the product portfolio and identity of which are fresh and distinctive. Tapio Anttila

Photo: Timo Junttila

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