Silver Estlander Medal 2020: Karin Widnäs

The Finnish Society of Crafts and Design awards Silver Estlander Medal to ceramic artist Karin Widnäs on the occasion of the Society’s 145th anniversary in 2020.

Finnish ceramic art has long and distinguished traditions even at the international level, traditions that Karin Widnäs has brought forward in her own work. The reasons for the medal acknowledge Karin Widnäs’s active participation as a ceramic artist and proponent of this field of art.

Karin Widnäs graduated from the University of Art and Design Helsinki in 1977. She founded a ceramic studio which moved to Fiskars in 1994. Karin Widnäs is among the founders of the cooperative of artists, designers and craftspersons in Fiskars, developing the region and building up the community spirit from the outset. Her own creative production is versatile, reaching from art to utility articles and, lately, to architectural ceramic elements such as wall tiles. Karin Widnäs received the Pro Finlandia Medal for her oeuvre in 2017.

Karin Widnäs has lived in Fiskars since 1995 and in 2005 Villa Widnäs, designed by architect Tuomo Siitonen, was completed. Karin Widnäs’s tour de force is KWUM, the private museum for ceramic art, also designed by Tuomo Siitonen, which opened to the public in 2019 in Fiskars. Widnäs’s works are on show in the permanent collection of the museum while changing exhibitions present ceramic art in an extensive and interesting way.

The Estlander Prize and medals are a part of Design Forum Finland Awards.


Photo: Timo Junttila