Young Designer of the Year 2017: Reeta Ek

The Young Designer of the Year prize of 2017 was given to textile and surface designer Reeta Ek.

Reeta Ek is a freelance designer living and working in Helsinki. She has created textile designs for companies such as Marimekko, Lapuan Kankurit, Nanso, and Samuji, among others. Typical of her designs are repetition and rhythm, born along with the creative working process and drawing by hand. Reeta Ek also does graphic design and illustrations.

According to the prize jury, Reeta Ek is a fine example of a professional, creative young designer whose exposure and success in Finland has been based more on strong professional skill than an efficiently marketed designer brand. Reeta Ek has a unique and distinctive style, and her works combine intense sensitivity with a strong, articulate execution. She has been involved in various comebacks of Finnish brands, designing printed and woven patterns that have resonated with consumers and resulted in commercial success. The jury stated that Reeta Ek represents the common method of modern textile designers where independent work and various collaboration projects have a natural rotation. The works and visual identity of Ek form a very distinctive, fresh, timeless and lucid repertory.

Photo: Lina Jelanski / Duotone

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