Design Forum Date 2021: Customer experience in change


14:00 – 16:00




The world has changed. Design helps companies to understand the opportunities that the change will bring. Design aids in interpreting these into something concrete, as an example by answering the question: what will the products and services be like in the future?

How do we differ positively from our competitors and ensure that we are a meaningful operator for all the people around our brand? Are our products and services relevant to our customers in particular?

More and more often customers claim transparency and attitudes, operations based on their personal values. Companies which are able to answer this, acquire committed customers and succeed. Meaningful content, responsible operations and smooth customer contacts at all the meeting points of the brand create the backbone of the customer experience. Investing in customer experience is a way of succeeding even in the middle of changes.

Petteri Kolinen, CEO / Design Forum Finland
Minna Utriainen, Creative Innovation Lead / Avidly
Anna Rauhansuu, CEO / Myssyfarmi
Jussi Olavi Jokinen, Product Manager / Arctic Factory
Saimi Hoyer, CEO / Hotel Punkaharju

Julius Oförsagd, CEO, Creative Director / Arctic Factory

The event was arranged by Design Forum Finland in cooperation with Arctic Design Week. Design Forum Dates are  seminars where case examples and interesting talks give new ideas to developing your own activities through design. The events are aimed at companies that need inspiration and ideas for their strategy and business operations.

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