Design Forum Date Online 2020: Business, design and purpose


13:00 – 14:30

Kasvu Open Karnevaali



How should we build business when old business models are breaking down and competitive edge is gained in new ways? Design Forum Date was a part of Kasvu Open Karnevaali event.

In the future, will success come to companies that only seek fast growth – or to those who act perseveringly and responsibly and produce more purposeful products and services?

At Design Forum Date we discussed how the competitiveness of an enterprise can be increased with design competence, how value and meaning can be produced to customers, and sustainable methods developed at the same time. The event was aimed at companies which are in need of hints and inspiration to their strategy and business operations.

The speakers were:
Petteri Kolinen, CEO / Design Forum Finland
Saara Järvinen, Senior Insight Strategist / Kuudes
Antti Innanen, Co-founder / Dot.
Sebastian Jansson, Co-founder / Made by Choice &
Hanna Neuvo, Partner, CEO / Fyra

The event was moderated by Maria Ritola, Co-founder /

N.B. We are arranging two separate webinars on the theme of the event in the autumn, with slightly different programs and speakers. This was the first of the two.

Photo: Petri Anttila

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