Design Forum Talk 2021: Design as a force of change


13:00 – 15:30




The year 2020 showed us that only change is for sure. The first Design Forum Talk event of 2021 discussed the role of design in understanding change and harnessing it to promote success.

Design has excellent tools, methods and processes for working the challenges and opportunities of both today and tomorrow. Design is an opportunity to develop operations and make them more flexible and ready for the future. The challenges may be the climate change, diminishing resources, changes in people’s behaviour or new values. Design is supportive in making profitable business even in the future, ensuring good and high-quality life for everyone and acting responsibly and sustainably.

The speakers in Design Forum Talk included Petteri Lillberg / Demos Helsinki, Mari Jokiranta / Vincit NOW and Annaleena Hakola / Hakola. The moderator was Ulla Jones.

Photo: Mikko Ryhänen

Saija Malila

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Photos of Design Forum Talk: Design as a force of change, photos by Petri Anttila