Design Forum Talk Online 2020: Design and the New Value


09:00 – 11:00




Design Forum Talk Online: Design and the New Value was held virtually on Wednesday 20 May 2020.

The economy is seeking new direction. People are increasingly expecting visible and genuine actions based on values, responsibility, attitudes and problem solving from a company. If the company doesn’t respond to these demands, it will lose its competitiveness and credibility.

Companies must produce a new kind of value. The new value is not just economic profit. It is added value produced by the company not only to customers but also to employees, partners, society and the environment – and in the long run also to shareholders.

Design is one way of producing other than just economic value. With design, you can find new business opportunities, taking sustainability, long lifetime and ecology into consideration in designing products and services, among other viewpoints. On the other hand, design may be a tool to solve companies’ large, cross-cutting problems concerning the environment or society, as an example.

In this Design Forum Talk we discussed the new, socially aware customer and the possibilities of companies in creating new value to customers and shareholders as well as the society.

The speakers included:
Katri Vataja, Director, Foresight, Insight and Strategy / Sitra
Sonja Lahtinen, Postgraduate Researcher / University of Tampere
Jussi Mantere, Head of CX and Design / Kesko Oyj
Annika Boström-Kumlin
, markkinointijohtaja / Verso Food
Mikko Koskinen
, Brand & Marketing / Kyrö Distillery

The event was moderated by Julius Oförsagd, CEO, Creative Director / Arctic Factory.


Photo: Design Forum Talk in 2019, photo: Petri Anttila


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