Design Forum Talk 2018: The new wave of design


08:30 – 11:00

Kellohalli, Helsinki



The fast-paced changes in the world bring new challenges to us all. In order to prosper in changes, companies have to boldly apply new modes of operation, acknowledging also the impact of their operations on the society.

Here, design is a good tool: with it, profound understanding of the operational environment can be gained, and large, complex problems swiftly conceived and concretized. The new-wave design is able to create meaning and success into the changing world. In Design Forum Talk, we heard, by way of case presentations, how a better future is already being built up.

Speakers were: 
Markku Wilenius
, Professor, Finland Futures Research Centre, University of Turku
Inari Virkkala
, City Development Director, City of Kerava
Juha Kronqvist
, Lead Service Designer & Design Director, Hellon
Tuomas Manninen, Head of Design, OP
Petteri Kolinen, CEO, Design Forum Finland

The event was moderated by Ia Adlercreutz, CEO & Strategist, Co-founders.