Design Forum Talk 2019: Values and managing


13:00 – 17:00

Valkoinen Sali, Helsinki



How do the values of a company turn into a brand, customer promises and business? How do they support a company when old business models are changing, and competitive edge is gained with new means? Which will make it in the future: companies that seek fast growth or those operating responsibly and purposefully? How do we manage values – how do we manage with values? And how can we use design methods in this?

The themes of the Design Forum Talk: Values and managing were values and design, how they show in business and how all this brings value and meaning to the customer, too.

The speakers were:

Aate Autio, Design Anthropologist / Aiwo Digital
Kati Ahvonen, Senior Consultant / Demos Helsinki
Timo Lappi, Growth Entrepreneur / Heltti
Hannu Oksa, Creative Director / Reaktor
Mikko Koponen, Sales Director / Finlayson Oy
Petteri Kolinen, CEO / Design Forum Finland

The event was moderated by Antti Pitkänen, Chairman of the Board, Insights & Strategy Director / Agile Work