SuomiAreena 2018: Design is dead, long live new design!


17:30 – 18:30

SuomiAreena, Pori



The themes of SuomiAreena 2018, the annual public debate forum organized by the Finnish commercial broadcasting company MTV and the City of Pori, were year security, tolerance and responsibility. These are, however, values that are often hindered by complex societal problems. Solving these problems seems to need new kinds of thinking and doing.

One of the recent, globally recognized means is making use of creative problem-solving methods, such as design thinking and processes utilized in design.

Design is still one of the key factors of competitiveness in Finland. Could the characteristics and skills that once put Finnish design on the map – e.g. functionality, answering everyday challenges – still be of help, even today? What we need now is updated new design! Its targets are public services, the strategic development of companies, and large complex problems, and its tools are understanding the customer, thinking creatively, multidisciplinary cooperation, and agile testing of ideas.

How could we use this new design in, as an example, developing structures and solving problems of the society? How can we put its full potential into practice for the benefit of Finnish economic life and society? And is this an opportunity for Finland to brand itself as one of the top problem solvers of the world?

Talking about creating success by means of design were:

Osmo Soininvaara, Executive in Residence, Aalto University
Anne Stenros, D.Sc.(Tech.), Architect SAFA
Paula Laine, Director, Foresight, Insight and Strategy, Sitra
Anssi Kähärä, Co-founder, Werklig

The discussion wass hosted by Baba Lybeck and visualized by Raquel Benmergui.

Watch discussion (in Finnish) from here.