1993: Day of Design and statements to ministries

Radio City broadcast live from Design Forum Finland on the Day of Design on 10 December 1993. The day’s chosen theme was furniture design, which fit well with the Habitaren huippuja (‘The Best of Habitare’) exhibition held at the time.

In the afternoon, three discussions were also held. Their topics included the ecologic nature of products, the design representative activity’s meaning to SMEs, and the education of the furniture sector, among others. The theme day attracted 400 interested visitors to Design Forum Finland and they were served Christmas porridge, as was customary.

In 1993, design was a topic of conversation even at the ministry level. Design Forum Finland gave its statement on the KUPOLI Kulttuuripolitiikan linjat report (the national cultural policy) of the Ministry of Education and on the Council of State’s culturopolitical account.  The report of the strategy committee of industrial design, set by the Ministry of Trade and Industry, was published and Director Tapio Periäinen had been heard as an expert consultant in the preparation stage of the report.