The members of Design Forum Finland / The Finnish Society of Crafts and Design are a diverse representation of the Finnish design sector. They include companies and organisations that e.g. produce design services or utilise them.

Our members all share a vision of design as a strategic resource that strengthens competitiveness, produces value for both the company and its customers and builds a more sustainable future. With our members, we comprise the largest Finnish competence hub of design.

For our members, we offer

  • expert perspectives and the most advanced knowledge of design through our training events and other events
  • coaching and development ideas through our network
  • visibility for the correct target groups
  • presence in an expert community that aims towards future success.

We hold members-only theme events about topical issues, share design news, tell about the latest trends in the design field, present our members’ activities in our channels and provide opportunities for networking. The society’s board will grant membership based on an application.

Our new members will be included in a network of experts and receive ideas for developing their own operations through design. They may also find new partnerships.

Our experienced members will reinforce their networks and competence in new areas, such as circular economy.

Our long-term members build the basis for our expert network and support our shared work based on design competence.

Design Forum Finland’s membership is a sign of the high level of the company’s or organisation’s design competence and their desire to develop further.

More info is available on the Finnish page.


Sanna Lahovaara


+358 44 761 7717