Carte blanche à Matias Karsikas in Paris

The Young Designer of the Year 2020 Matias Karsikas celebrates the opening of his exhibition on September, Friday 10, 2021.

Karsikas’ works combine ceramics, glass and wood into original and unusual pieces, which interestingly exist in the borderlands of art, handicraft and design. The exhibition in Paris, including a residency, are a part of the Young Designer of the Year prize in 2018–2022 and made possible by the partner of the prize, the Finnish Institute in France .

Institut finlandais’s IF Studios artist program supports the internationalization of artists, curators and other creative professionals in France.

Carte Blanche à Matias Karsikas

IF Galerie, Paris

Photo: Robots, Matias Karsikas, photo by Chikako Harada